Case Studies

Location and Scheduling Logistics - Blue Sky Basin, Vail, CO

Evans Chaffee completed the Vail Mountain expansion on time in 2000 despite the challenging logistics. Blue Sky Basin is located on the south side the Vail’s Back Bowls, with the only access being 12 miles of dirt roads taking up to an hour to arrive at the site. Planning for material deliveries, inspections and dealing with the unknown were just a few of the daily challenges we faced during this project. The roads close to the site were so steep that concrete trucks had to be pulled up the steep sections with other earthmoving machinery.  As winter approached, all roads were shut down and Evans Chaffee was required to access the site over the snow, commuting through an operating ski area. Logistics included using snowcats for material deliveries and driving snowmobiles and suburbans with chains across the top of the mountain and snowmobiles. Simple mistakes such as leaving a tool at the office would have created hours if not a full day delay. It took creative planning, selection of the right team members, subcontractors and suppliers to successfully complete the project. 

Pre- Preconstruction Services - Local Pharmacy

When Evans Chaffee was approached by a local pharmacy to complete a new retail space in the Vail Valley with little more than a business plan and vision, we provided more than the typical general contracting services. We created a complete project budget including design costs, FF&E, signage, insurance premiums, as well as a typical construction estimate. This enabled the owner to make financial decisions early in the process to maximize the budget.  Evans Chaffee then helped them select an architect, get the necessary upfront approvals for the project and ultimately build out the space for them, resulting in a successful project and ultimately a successful business for them. 

Expert Witness Work - Animal Shelter

Our full service consulting division, was approached by a client seeking direction and advice regarding a significant building failure. Evans Chaffee assembled the best forensic team in the State of Colorado to assess the structure and provide expert witness testimony, remediation recommendations and litigation guidance. Services included a comprehensive building survey, construction document review, ongoing structure assessments, document disclosure review and expert witness reports. By using Evans Chaffee to coordinate the forensic investigation, the client was able to focus on their core business and avoided paying the premium to attorneys to coordinate and manage the forensic team.

Design Build - Residential Spec Home

A visionary client saw potential in an investment property, but wasn’t sure how to accomplish the renovation.  Understanding our client’s needs and limited time, Evans Chaffee retained a local architect, structural engineer and interior designer to create a turnkey design-build team. ECCG managed all aspects of the project including design, permitting, finish selection and construction. Although the client was involved at every step, ECCG was the single point of contact maximizing the client’s time. 

Creative Financing - Local Chapel

Sometimes best intentions are just not enough. A non-profit organization acquired a parcel of land and completed construction documents, but didn’t have enough money to complete the construction project.  Knowing construction prices were increasing 4%-6% a year, Evans Chaffee created a unique financing structure that allowed the project to start immediately. Although the funds were not readily available, getting the project started and subcontractors under contract saved the owner significant costs. 

Agreements – School District

Sometimes clients don’t have the time to focus on the details as they need to run their core business. Evans Chaffee’s consulting services have assisted clients with administrative projects such as agreements. A sophisticated client, asked ECCG to create several agreements they could use for design professionals, small construction projects and large complex projects. ECCG delivered a package of balanced, reasonable agreements that the client could efficiently complete on an as-needed basis, but provided significant risk protection. The agreements were reviewed by insurance professionals, attorneys, general contractors, and designers to ensure they were balanced and usable.The final deliverables provided the client with a package of agreements suitable for any project size, type or complexity that could be used by a wide variety of employees.