A Singular Vision Since 1998

The partners of Evans Chaffee came together in 1998 with a singular vision: to set the highest standard for excellence in mountain construction.

Of course, we keep raising the bar for ourselves, constantly looking for ways to improve the building experience for our clients. We know that collaboration is the key to creative problem solving, having experienced first hand how our diverse backgrounds in engineering, architecture and business administration have made us a better company.

We aim to give you the intelligence and expertise you’d expect from a much larger company, but with the service and attention to detail that feels highly personalized.

Services That Exceed Expectations

We aim to exceed your expectations for quality, value and service in everything we do. And we won’t hesitate to customize our approach to a project to suit your particular needs.

Exceptional project management is responsive and proactive. That’s why everyone on your project team is equipped with an iPad dynamically linked to our integrated project management and accounting systems giving 24/7-access to critical data. It’s seamless and allows for critical decisions without delay. More importantly, your team is empowered and accountable for every aspect of your project, starting with the estimate and ending with your complete satisfaction.

More Than You Might Expect

In addition to all of the services you’d expect from a general contractor, we also offer , preconstruction planning, sustainable building, and specialized consulting.

Specialized Consulting

Our consultants provide construction advice for all aspects of development, from pre-project consulting to construction oversight and management, and warranty processing.

Sustainable Building

Green Building provides a more efficient separation of the interior and exterior environments, promote indoor air quality, occupant health, and reduce the impact on our natural resources.


Preconstruction planning makes sure the decisions you make are fully informed and based on accurate estimates and detailed schedules along with technical input on your project.


We work with hundreds of subcontractors, building on their strengths, managing their weaknesses and holding them firmly accountable.

Hands On Leadership

Out of curiosity, we added up the cumulative experience of our partners, superintendents and project managers and came up with over 300 years of experience.

But that just made us sound too old, when really we are a vibrant group of energetic professionals motivated to excel. We’ve built a company culture based on accountability, honesty and integrity, where proactive thinking and creative problem solving are encouraged. Without exception, our highest priority is to advocate for the owner’s interest.

Michele Evans

Co-Owner, Chief Financial Officer

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Hometown: Gladstone, NJ
Joined the Evans Chaffee Team: 1998 | Construction Experience Since: 1986

You don’t have to hang around Michele very long to see that she has a passion for everything she does from her family to the local community to the outdoors to Evans Chaffee, the company she started with her husband.

Michele’s background is as an architect with a master’s degree in engineering, which allows her to bring a unique perspective to projects and provide an eye for things that other contractors can’t always do. She’s also very knowledgeable about insurance, contractual, legal and other risk management matters that help her protect their clients. But in the end, having a client that loves the buildings as much as they love creating them is the mindset Michele instills throughout the company.

Education & Experience:
Masters of Science in Civil Engineering/Construction
Engineering and Management from Stanford University
Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Virginia

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle

Fun Fact:
Eight seconds was all it took to leave the entire Evans Chaffee staff speechless as Michele hopped off the mechanical bull in Las Vegas and stated, “That’s how it’s done!”

Andy Halminski

Co-Owner, Senior Project Manager

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Hometown: Lilburn, GA
Joined the Evans Chaffee Team: 2003 | Construction Experience Since: 1994

We’re not sure if it’s his southern upbringing, but Andy has a natural ability to truly connect with his clients and adopt their priorities as his own. He also has a talent for taking all the technical aspects of a project and organizing the process to suit.

Andy’s experience has literally given him an understanding of construction inside and out. Before joining Evans Chaffee, he worked for a company specializing in shingle, rubber, metal and tile roofs. He also did interior remodels including sheetrock, insulation, electrical wiring, indoor framing and painting. Andy joined Evans Chaffee in 2003 as Assistant Project Manager and within a few years became a Project Manager for our Large Projects Division. His knowledge of strategic planning and his interpersonal skills have greatly enhanced our company culture, and we are happy that he agreed to become a partner in 2011.

Education & Experience:
Graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelors of Business Administration which included a focus on Project Management and Operations Management
Masters in customer service

“Andy worries more about my budget more than I do.”-Chris Penney

Fun Fact:
If you need to find Andy on the weekend, look sharp.  This camo clad outdoorsman is likely out and about combing the hills of our beautiful valley in search of the trophy in season.

Chris Evans

Co-Owner, Senior Project Manager, LEED AP

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Hometown: Monroe, NY
Joined the Evans Chaffee Team: 1998 | Construction Experience Since: 1973

While having a degree like “Masters in Aerospace Engineering with a structural emphasis,” might be impressive, what really matters to Chris is that it means he brings an exceptional degree of technical competence and expertise to customers’ projects.

As one of the founding partners at Evans Chaffee, Chris is no stranger to hard work. He is responsible for overseeing the technical operations of all projects and construction issues, and cares that every project exceeds the client’s expectations.

Education & Experience:
Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering with a structural emphasis from the University of Colorado at Boulder
Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering with Distinction from the University of Virginia

“More coffee, please.”

Fun Fact:
You know that joke about being a rocket scientist?  Well, Chris actually is one!  Before starting a construction company with Michele, he designed the structures for NASAs space stations.  But don’t worry…he balances out his personality with an affinity for 80s Hair Bands!

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